Aus v Ind #4 Most likely to loose his balls

Coming in at a healthy number 4

Ricky Ponting
Flyslips dropping the big names early ya hear!

“Loosing ones balls can hurt”


12.28, thats why.

172, thats why.

He is under severe mental stress after Insane Mcgain went proper crazy-eyed on him.

Do we see Punter making a difference this time. Not really. Id like to see him change those stats but with Bajji and Kumble raring to go. I highly doubt that will happen.

Besides, no one really like him anyway.


Will loose both balls. But flyslip gives him an outside chance to save one nut.

He will probably loose the series as well.


  1. said:

    I wish he’d lose his hair.

    His missus loves a bald fella.

    The world loves a bald fella.

    Tasmanian Devils with a thatch, not so much.

    October 2, 2008
  2. Damith S. said:

    Dint he loose his hair and regain it ?

    What was his secret ? Rawgain ?

    October 3, 2008

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