Can SA cap off a great test ?

Test Cricket.

There is nothing quite like it.  For the lovers of the shortened forms of the game, its a dreary drawn out game that they don’t care for.

For the uninitiated, a cocoon of confusion and boredom.

For the old-schooler, its a romance, it speaks in a language only they can understand.

At Wanderers, the language has been at its creative and poetic best.

It’s told a story. And within that story there have been many sub – plots and twists.

The story of a debutant, underlining the faith entrusted in him. Providing us with hope that a fading Empire has many soldiers who are willing to take up the fight.

The resolve of a player who has reaped the potential that was given to him to its maximum. Mitchell Johnson turns everything he touches to gold these days.

The old war-horse who delivered when it mattered the most.

For 4 days the match has swung back and forth. And even when Australia were bowled out for 207, the last pair wouldn’t just roll over and die. They gained momentum going into their bowling stint.

And although that has been largely nullified by Smith and Mckenzie, 454 is still a long way off , historically in fact.

It seems natural that the no1 and no2 ranked teams offer the best test cricket being played at the moment, but this is that and then some.

Of course there is one man we shouldn’t forget, the man who has produced this curvaceous, kinky goddess of a pitch. Usually, great battles makes the venue famous. In this case the Venue has played its part in making the script.

If there is one team that can chase this down in today’s cricket it is SA, and if there is one team that can stop them, it would probably be India.

But Australia isn’t a bad choice either.


  1. india indeed. give them a chance, they’ll stop themselves too.

    but here, you can smell the intent off the tv, can’t believe crowds haven’t come in yet.

    March 2, 2009
  2. gihan said:

    well written damith

    my money is on the aussies

    March 2, 2009
  3. Kesh said:

    Australia won by 162 runs…. great bowling by the seamers on the final day…. fantastic cricket all throughout … good to see.. next test march 6th…. now focus on Eng WI poor old pommies lol

    March 3, 2009
  4. sam said:

    Aussies won 🙂

    wont say a word on pak test, it all says abt itself

    March 3, 2009

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