Day 1 at Lahore, strangely similar to Day 1 at Karachi

Sri Lanka

After 6 failed attemps, Sangakkara made the right century at the right time.  This puts a bit of the limelight on him and it wont hurt his captaincy credentials either.

Samaraweera continues to do harm to his average, in a good way. And we are loving it.

The pitch was going to help the fast bowlers. It had a sprinkling of grass on it we were told.

300 runs in 86 overs at nearly 4 an over suggest otherwise. It was another Keira Knightly as Jrod so keenly observes.

If you want a know what a good pitch is , I suggest the curators get them selves cable and switch on to the test match at Wanderers.

Now that is a sexy beast. A Beyonce of cricket pitches, with all the right bumps and moves, offering jaw dropping goodness for everyone to enjoy.

Even on this uninspiring flat deck, Mahela couldn’t script the fairly tale he so desperately tried to yesterday.


The match it self is pretty even at the moment. SL are 300 runs on, but Dilshan is still new and Thilan needs to reboot.

And with the new ball only 6 overs old, one wicket early in the morning and Pakistan are into the very long Sri Lankan tail.

Ideally Umar Gul, easily Pakistans best yesterday, and co will want SL for under  400, which is not very far fetched a dream. Unless ‘Danish Pastry’ Kaneria and the lot continue to bowl pies easy 4 balls all day long

Play of the day

The 200 run , love fest between King Sanga and Prince Thilan was sexy as hell. But all this would never have happened without Faisals booboo.

10 rupees on him not sleeping a wink last night.

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