Dhakka, at lunch on day 2…

Sri Lanka– remembered they are better than Bangladesh.

Came out swinging and caught the Bangladeshi’s with their pants down.

Tilan Samaraweera, who usually doesn’t grab too many headlines was scorching as he has been all year. Missed out the century but he did the job, Mahela and the top order please take note.

We think it has something to do with that Ian Bell like snarl he does with his mouth.

Vass ballsed it out and in no time Sri Lanka had put up a 100 runs in the session.

So it was slightly dissapointing when the last 4 went for 23.

With the pitch playing up and down and with a bit of swing still around, 300 is a good total.

Bangladesh– Where was Mortaza ?

For an hour they toyed with spinners and other bowlers when the day should always start with Mortaza running in.

‘But we saved him for the new ball’, for 23 overs ? He could have had two spells in that time and still been ready to take the ball.

Sakib cleaned up the tail with so much ease that it should make Murali giggle with delight

Play of the day

Mortaza’s trigger happy new ball spell to Dammika Prasad.

Its always fun to watch fast bowlers bounce other quicks and make them look stupid.

Dhammika laughed it off cuz he knows he is gonna get his chance.


  1. insideEdge said:

    Mahela must be a proud man – he has a disciple (or should that be dumbsciple). This morning in Melbourne, Neil McKenzie aimed the “Mahela Waft” at a ball from Peter Siddle and lost the top of off.

    Many more instances of Captain Mahela idiocy today. With Bangladesh 117-5 and two new batsmen at the crease, Mahela had Murali bowling with just one slip. Interestingly that doyen of cricket commntary and the most astute analyst in the world Ranjith Fernando said “it’s not a defensive field but an in-out field”. Except only one slip was “in”!

    December 27, 2008
  2. damiths said:

    inside> The only thing funnier than Mckenzie’s Mahela Waft was Siddles appeal.

    I think we may have started a dangerous trend here inside.

    Very dangerous.

    I love it.

    December 27, 2008

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