Pakistan to play test cricket, say what?

That’s right folks. Sri Lanka WILL tour Pakistan in January.

This was fast becoming another one of those ‘will it, wont it’ tours after Arjuna was stung by bee and had to sit out from the interim committee.

All is well again though, as the President proved he is man with way too much time on his hands for a guy fighting a civil war as he stepped into stamp his approval.

All lights are Green and we are ready for take off.

Meanwhile – Pakistan officials and cricket starved Shoaib Malik, who had refused to eat or captain a team poorly till he got to play in a test match, were delighted about the news.

“Not only the cricket fraternity but the whole of Pakistan is thankful to the Sri Lankan president for clearing their tour to Pakistan”.

There you have it the frat boys are happy.

So are we.


  1. Whatever the reasons why, I’m glad to see they’re going. Pakistan not playing a test for more than a year seems outrageous to me.

    December 27, 2008
  2. Q said:

    Thank u Lanka 🙂

    December 27, 2008
  3. damiths said:

    ToB> We are happy too. Pakistan played 0 tests this year and SL 5, even Bangladesh played more than us.

    Q> Welcome. Now be gracious hosts and soundly loose. 😛

    December 27, 2008

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