Eng v SL – facts you wish you had known #1


The current Ch4 Video about crimes against humanity is actually a remake of a two part series that Ch4 themselves aired in the late 90s and early 00s.

The first part  focused on the 98 test at the Oval where Sri Lanka were accused of ‘abject disregard to the finely balanced mental stronghold by their imperial masters on the former colony’.

This video caused a major uproar in the international community. It scarred a generation of young English men and a spike in suicide levels in London was directly attributed to the disturbing imagery shown in super slowmo technology.

Part 2 was based on the 03 test at the SSC. Ch4 called it a follow up to the 98 video to show the ‘continued ignorance of the Sri Lakan side to accept socio economic norms’. The innings and 215 run vicorty they argued further undermined Englands willingness to offer Sri Lanka 3 test series.

Current English fans were appalled when it was rerun recently. Many of whom had never seen England cricketers looking so bewildered and despondent.

It was reported that Chris Broad was so angered by the horrific scenes in the video that he deficated on top of  the blueray copy he had bought.

This was of course before he became a match referee, naturally.

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