Eng v SL – facts you wish you had known #4, #3, #2


The Don – Anurasiri, not Bradman, has been a Sri Lankan Selector since 1854. So it would seem odd that he only picked himself for one test against England in 91 where he picked up the important wicket of Graham Gooch. When he was on 174. It is said the Anurasiri was so hard on himself that he hardly picked himself again. Many had thought him dead when he made a comeback by picking himself in 98 before disappearing again. A selection policy that he now uses on several select Sri Lankan cricketers.


Jayananda Warnaweera was accused of doctoring the pitch to suit his own needs after he took 8 wickets in the game to lead Sri Lanka to victory over England in 93 for the first time. In 2011, the ICC used this evidence as proof of ‘a track record of influence on a game’ to prove that the Galle pitch did not meet ICC requirements.


Kumar Sangakkara once brutally attacked Nasser Hussain for calling him a pseudo intellectual at the German Restaurant in Colombo. The pair had been jousting verbally all tour in 2003 and it came to a head at the restaurant when Sangakkara told Hussain that the year of wine he ordered was not a particularly good one.


What will be the number #1 Fact that you wish you’d known? Tune in tomorrow.

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