Eng v SL – facts you wish you had known #10

As the England tour approaches faster than a Tendulkar century we count down ten facts about Eng v SL that you probably don’t know and most likely will not be found in an almanack.


The term ‘interim committee’ was first introduced to Sri Lankan cricket during the victory celebrations after their first test win over England back in 93. In the midst of an all out orgy, as was the custom in Sri Lankan times back then after any test win, Ranatunga ran out of steam. Wrapped in his in sauna towel he asked for a ‘runner’ to replace him. The woman, possibly in a heightened state of sexual delusion said one man would not satisfy her the same. An ‘interim committee’ was put in place and Arjuna proceeded to roll around in a pit of Kottu while drowning himself in Lion Beer.

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