Sachin – you know the rest of this post already

Where were you when Sachin got the 100th 100?

We were asleep. On the couch. Trying to watch Up All Night. There’s irony for you. In fact we were gloriously oblivious to it until the 2nd time we logged onto Cricinfo today. It wasn’t even top news.

Our immediate reaction was ‘Oh thank god now we can all finally move on’. Which can’t be too far away from what Sachin himself must have felt.

Then we started to wonder how significant it was at all. In the end it will just add to the pile of centuries he scored when India lost. It didn’t come agaist any real opposition. It hasnt revealed anything more significant about Tendular either. Just that he was smart enough to stick it out until he actually achieved it.

Our opinion of him hasn’t changed one bit because of this . He has gone from being possibly the best batsmen of the modern era to being possibly the best batsmen of the modern era. Which he probably hasn’t been ever since the media brewed up this contrived ‘record’.

In between all that shrubbery he has looked sublime at times. We saw him being this at the SCG first hand. He’s scored a few immaculate half centuries but no one bothered with those at all. When you are Sachin, your lack of achievement makes your achievements look sedentary.

Let the count down to the 50th ODI hundred begin.



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