England, Dravid, feel the love

Dravid first batted his eyes and flirted with England in 96.

He courted them with that 95, which really should have been a hundred, at lords.

Then he fell in love with England and playing in England so much so that all his centuries against them came away from home.

When the two holidayed in India things weren’t always peachy.

Dravid tried all his best moves but he just couldn’t make England cum. Urgh, or was it  that he couldn’t make himself cum.

Either way, travelling to India was never a rosy affair for the two and at his old age, with his ‘equipment’ just not working anymore, it seemed inevitable the two would break up eventually.

But just when you think this love story would come to an abrupt end we find that there might be a final twist in the tale. Like all good love stories must.

After God Sehwag, preacher of Sehwagalogy, delivered his wrath upon the mighty English yesterday, Dravid walked out, probably 3 innings from the end of his romance with England and his life.

Scratched around and survived.

Dravid’s never scored a century in India against the English. He is one of the two batsmen in this Indian team who average more than 40 in the 4th innings.

Can Dravid script the final twist to this great story of our modern times. Or will England snuff out any feelings that linger between the two.

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  1. scorpicity said:

    There are already butt jokes breaking around the world on him being the best nightwatchman India now has!

    No point… he or the selectors could be more wise and he still has one chance to get our swan songs going.

    December 15, 2008

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