Gongully’s ghost writer writes lies – Gongully

‘Gongully Ghost Writer Writes Lies, It didn’t come from me – I was fielding all day – see!’

In an extra ordinary turn of events, Sour Gongully has laid blame at the feet of his ghost writer for writing false comments in the local Bengal Daily – Dina Amba. In an extra ordinary statement, the ghost writer claims that some players have scored less runs than wadrobe changes and different hair styles. Of course, the one player that comes to mind with hair style changes is MS Dhoni (Runner up to Miss India 2005, 2006 – beaten by Ms Ladyboy of Mumbai dustbins twice). Ms Dhoni has had more hair style changes than Preety Sita has had dress changes in a bollywood film. Even the great moustache of Pakistan, General Perves Moustachuff has been quoted as saying

“I like Dhoni’s hair long, it reminds me of something we don’t see often in Pakistan.”

Gongully’s ghost writer went on to say that Gongully was always the victim of the board of selectors because he had a face that only his amma could love. (We at fly slip believe the identity of the ghost writer to be Gongully’s mother – Mrs Eladenagully.) The Ghostwriter also went on about how the Prince of Kolkatta once had a kingdom that stretched the whole of one bedroom in a upper class home. We believe that his title ‘Prince’ was given to him by his amma, usually saying things like:

“Its time for the prince to put his blocks away and go to bed.”

Meanwhile another ghostwriter has written an article on the behalf of MS Dhoni in a publication known as the PTB Kalasatahana, refuting the statements writing by the other ghost.

“Its obvious that Gongully and his ghost are jealous for my good looks and femanine beauty.”

The article read. Its obvious lies because anything put out by the PTB is usually outdated by the time its publicated and wrong.
While we at fly slip were reading the kalasatahana, and missing our train at the same time, one of our reporters handed us a paper from Lord Pawar’s ghost writer, stating that Gongully will be axed after the 2nd tests.

With all these ghosts on the loose, there is only one team to turn to solve all our problems *cues bad music*


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