Sri Lankan Cricket Bail out.

We are living in very uncertain times these days, with the great financial coperations of the world like Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (No, they weren’t husband and wife) falling victim of the credit crisis that is gripping the world. It was only a matter of time for this to effect the cricket, especially when there is cricket boards ran by sport ministers of the likes of Geminai Punchige. Yes, No only is the Geminai possibly the worst car General Motors have produced but its also the worst sports minster to ever grace the position of Commander-In-Cheif of a cricket board.

Geminai last tactic to avert a finicial crisis at the Sri lankan’s cricket team was to over rule his twin (All Geminai’s have twins) Cheif Jester and Joker, Ashantha De Mel and to put Sanath Jayasuriya back into the team, of which was a complete failure and waste of time.

Has history ever known a poor pathetic man? Even the much reviled Don Juan Dhammapala has never sunk to the depths of Geminai latest act – to go cap in hand and beg at the feet of the Indian cricket board.

Hard Work: Gemini Punchige and Asantha bail out the SLCB with Indian Money

Now, with the Indian administration providing money to the Sri Lankan cricket board, $70 Million to be exact, complete with strings – Any tour that Sri Lanka plans now must meet the Indian cricket board’s approval basically – as well as any votes at ICC functions.

So what happened to all the money and takings from the matches over the last 10 years? Well If you were to take out money for Arjuna’s Buriyani allowance (ABA), bribes to the SLPF / JHU / JVP / LTTE etc and Geminai’s many unsolicited, unfinanced, non termed loans (also known as embezzlement) – then we have an understanding of what has occurred to the money.

Rather than give over to the BCCI, they should of put more pressure on the SL goverment (Hell, Basil doesn’t need all those cars) to give them more money. Failing that they could always send the police comminiser or Meryn to “collect” needed funds for the Sri Lankan cricket board.

Stand by for an invasions of rats after Geminai’s latest interference.

One can expect Geminai’s next act will be to sell the Sri Lankan team at auction, and it may actually be his first ever good deed – because Sri Lankan cricket may actually be ran correctly and properly for once. Richard Branson, if you are reading, please do something to save us all.

We, as part of our cricket coverage will also be reporting on the BCCI stock exchange for the Sri Lankan Cricket Board which will be floated at about 2 ruppees a share… Invest while you can… and Shame on you Punchi Geminai.


  1. livescore said:

    It is shocking news for me being a cricket lover, other countries cricket boards are earning awesome amounts. I can’t believe that Sri Lankan cricket board is going down because they are playing back to back series.

    June 24, 2012

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