Greatest ODI XI (as voted by you )

Back at headquarters we had a debate on who would make up the greatest ODI XI. Since we couldn’t come to a conclusion we decided the best way would be to drop everything and go for a vote.
So we are tying to pick the greatest ODI team based on the fans out there.
Here is your chance to participate and get your views in. Simply vote on the poll on the left !

The idea being we will pick the two best openers based on your comments and then the No3 batsmen , No4 and so forth ending up with the bowlers.

Each poll will be run for a week.

So stop that boring thing you’re doing. Tell your wives and kids to bugger off and get voting !!

Ps- If you wish to vote for any player outside this poll. Too bad.
Actually just leave it in the comments section and we will take it into account when picking the team 🙂

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