I bat and bat to make score big big

That has the simplistic genius to have been said by God Sehwag himself.

Instead it was by young Sakib Al Hassan, 21 year old and wiz kid of Bangladesh.

He usually picks up a 5fer in the first innings when he bowls. This is the 3rd time he’s done this on the trot.

His bowling is as simple as how he talks, he keeps a good line and length, spins it a little and has a straight ball that can be easily missed by good batsmen.

Just ask Mahela and Dilshan, they know.

With the bat the guy is one of those annoying little fuckers who you cant dismiss once they are in

They look like they will get out at least 2 or 3 times in the over, but don’t.

Sakib is a bit like the Krab and Shiv in technique, ugly and non existent.

Again, the approach is simple, block the good ones, and flash at the ones outside off, no need for footwork as long as you connect right, when you do the score will become big big.

He deserved a 100, with a bit of experience and work on his temperament Bangladesh have a star in their midst.

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  1. Q said:

    Hop on over to the BCC! to witness the Shakibbing! 🙂 We have followed this boy all of last year. He’s played some great cricket against the saffers and the kiwis and now the Lankans…

    May the Shakibbing continue …

    January 5, 2009

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