Players with balls , 2008 – the top 5

We had only 5 matches to pick from, so it was pretty easy but also hard. It was what they call a conundrum.

First we give you the Players with Balls top 5 in test matches. We may or may not do an ODI top 5. Stay tuned.

5. Malinda Warnapura’s 130 v WI – a much hyped and talked about man before he was even in the team. Once he got there he delivered a 0 on debut against Bangladesh. Scored a 80 in the 2nd innings to save his ass and finally came right in the WI, it was a great knock that announced his arrival and that he meant business.

4. Tilan Samaraweera 125 v WI – the arrival of the new Tilan. Stud and Star who scored runs abroad and got them at a fair click. This was his coming of age innings. We lost but he shined. And he proved it wasnt a isolated innings either.

3. Sangakkara 144 v India – King Kumar delivers when it really mattered. In a year when his double hundred scoring form eluded him, he managed his only century in the year in a match Sri Lanka had to win to take out the series. Scored nearly half the team runs. It had balls and it was a Kumar special.

2. Chaminda Vass – 54 & 8 wickets v WI – the old warhouse might be on his last legs but that dint stop him from turning out one of his best all round performances to help Sri Lanka win.  Vass led the attack without his usual support from Slinga and Maharoof and still proved he had what it takes to be in the test team. A fact that the selectors took note of.

1. Splendid Mendis’s 26 wickets v India– this could not have gone to anyone else than the great Splendid. You might say ‘ hey thats biased’ but is it really. I cant think of a single bowler who has made the Indians look like they had no idea what was going on. No bowler in SL’s history has stolen the spotlight from Murali,

Mendis did all that in 3 tests and everyone was talkin about carrom balls and writing wiki articles about him.

Then we came along and rocketed him to unparralled heights.

The Legend of Splendid Mendis is here, its now and its not going anywhere.

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