Just be yourself Freddie

The England India series got off to a flyer yesterday.

Cook and Straussy put on a ball saving albeit somewhat slow start to the innings. Which is fine, no one can argue against a 100 + partnership from their openers.

And as Jrod reports, the middle order were woeful. You could expect it from Bell. The guy usually bats slowly for a 50 and then gets out.

But I was really annoyed with Freddie. Strike rate of 28, 2 4s. What the hell was that.

That’s not you Freddie. You don’t block half volleys, you smash them over the sight screen.

The pitch is not that scary, ok so there is a little bit more spin on it than say Edgbaston.

Fine so it was day one of the series, dint want to give India undue momentum. Maybe I can understand that.

Day 2 is a completely different matter though. 230 – 5. India hold all the aces. So ask your self this Freddie. What can you do to regain the initiative.

Bat slowly for a 50 off 500 balls and get out or go for your shots like you were meant to since the day you held a bat and fire off a 70-80 in double quick time ?


  1. damiths said:

    SP> Exactly, further evidence in fact that everyone should read the flyslip

    December 11, 2008

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