Mahela – his own man to the last

So we have come to it at last then.

Questions are being formed in the Sri Lankan fan’s minds.

Can Mahela go out with a win ?

Or will he stutter to a loss, underlining his fall from grace in the last 6 months ?

Whatever the result is,  it seems as though Mahela’s legacy will always be looked upon in a kind way. At least 74% of the masses still want him as captain. (due to legal obligations we cant quote our source on that one.)

Mahela’s been milking it too. Talking about how it was the right cricket decision, how he wants the new captain to have enough time as numero uno. Everyone wants to know why he quit, who he thinks will take over.

Of course we know this is all bullshit, Mahela has always been a smart man, he knew the axe was being sharpened before it fell on him.

It was either his career or giving up the captaincy.

However way he paints the picture to the outside world, that is the truth. He was forced to make a decision by the moronic adminstrocrats at SLC, and he made it.

Now the same people are want him to stick around. That’s not going to happen. It shouldn’t happen.

Mahela’s always done things his way, he was one of the few players who had the bit of dictatorial flair you need as a captain in the Subcontinent. He sat out Marvan, denied he was a negative captain, ran up pontings nose by being late at the pre-WC final photoshoot and refused a guard of honor offered by Younus.

Its the sort of leadership that inspires, which is exactly what Mahela will be hoping for in his last test as captain.

A loss wont hurt him.

A draw wont do much harm either.

A win – that will be ideal, leaving the post as he wants to, with us wanting for more.


  1. Sachintha said:

    “refused a guard of honor offered by Younus.”


    March 1, 2009
  2. Wasim said:

    I think the offer for guard of honor was a bit premature he is not retiring he is just resigning from captaincy.

    One question to my SriLankan friends do you have anybody good enough to replace Mahela the batsman.

    March 1, 2009
  3. Kesh said:

    from where did u find out abt that guard of honor thing?

    March 2, 2009
  4. damiths said:

    Sach and Kesh> yea it was on cricinfo.

    Wasim. Ya not sure why YOUNUS offered that to be honest, its not like Mahela is dying.

    Do we have players who can match Mahelas class, not right now, we are working on it with a few guys though.

    Angelo Matthews – an all rounder.

    Thilina Kandamby – should make it to tests soon.

    March 2, 2009
  5. Kesh said:

    lol that’s funny then…

    anyway i think people are making a huge deal out of who should be captain next….. i think it’s written up there for everyone to see… it has to be Sanga no one else at this point in time…. the only question is who should be vice captain…..

    the other day ranjith fernando and waqur were even talking about murali for vice captaincy lol what do u think abt that?

    March 2, 2009

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