Micheal Vaughan for 2020 cricket ?

When last we spoke of THE MV, he had gone and injured himself. He missed a couple of games but was back in action against Sussex.

The following run of ‘form’ ensued.

66 v Sussex (FTP 50 overs)

74 off 69 v Surrey( FTP 50 overs)

35 v Lescester (2020)

36, off 35 ! v Lancs (2020)

16 v Lancs (2020)

17 v Derby, bowled. (2020)

0 v Durham (2020), run out without facing a ball. Ouch.

We are so accustomed to thinking of Vaughan in a test line up at 3 that we sometimes forget he can wield that slender piece of willow to his will when necessary. Perhaps this is the breakthrough MV needs, To get into the shortened formats of the game for England and then make the hop skip and jump into the Ashes line up.

All the cool unknown Indians are doing it over at the IPL.

So we ask you again, Micheal Vaughan for shortened forms of the game? On this evidence the answer that’s mulling around in our heads range from “Meh” to “WTF”.

Unfortunately for everyone concerned, the ECB clearly did not notice Micheals desperate attempts either. Last we heard, he was no where near a 2020 performance squad for England.

On a serious note, Micheal averages 16 from 3 county championship games. He is neatly cushioned in at no 8 in the most runs scored for Yorks this season behind other stupendous batting stars such as Tim Bresnan and Adhil Rashid.

Interestingly, Vaughan leads the runs table for Yokrshire in 50 and 20 over matches. This is of course a double edged silver lining. Good for Vaughan. Bad for Yorks.

With the Ashes just a month away, is the dream over for our intrepid ball painter?

Stay tuned. And keep voting on the MV Poll. Its on the left there.

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