Podcast – Eng tour and Death of a Gentleman with Jarrod Kimber

In Part 1, Jarrod Kimber, of cricket with balls and two chucks fame, join us hours before he flies out to SL to cover the England tour, to chat about the English set up and how important the tour is for both sides


In Part 2 Jarrod talks in detail about his current labour of love  – the circket documentary – Death of a Gentleman. And me and Andrew hi-jack it a little to talk about test cricket in Sri Lanka.

The film Jarrod is making, along with Sam Collins of the Two Chucks, is a  snapshot of  Test cricket against the Australia/ India series 2011-12, trying to work out if the game they love has a future along the way. It is a completely independent film, so they need all the help that they can get in terms of money and crew.

Visit the movie website http://deathofagentlemanfilm.com/ (@doagfilm)and learn more about the film and how you can help.

This could possibly be the most important made about cricket in the current climate that its in. So give these guys your fkn money people! We did. And will continue to !



Damith (www.theflylsip.net and on Cricinfo Here).

Andrew Fernando, who writes for The Pigeon and has a column here. Check him out on Cricinfo here.


Jarrod Kimber, writes at cricket with balls (@cricketwballs), produces The Two Chucks (@thetwochucks ) for Cricinfo and is currently working on the cricket documentary – Death of a Gentleman (@doagfilm)

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