Raining on Vaughans form parade

The last thing you’d need if you are The MV is rain the day before the ECB picks the squad for the first test. The Headingley rain has rained (Uh-huh) all over Vaughan’s last minute opportunity to knock up a few runs.

So the question on every MV fan is will he really be picked on his ‘form’. 44 runs in his only 4-day game and a couple of decent outings in the FTP are all he has against his name.

His strongest rival will be Ian Bell with two big hundreds to his name already this season.

So will the MV choo choo train stop in its tracks or will the ECB be unable to resistant temptation of picking a man as mesmerizing as this.

MV- from a tight to tighter situation Through the gate? Never !

Its hard not to look away isn’t it.

There were rumors that MV was bowled through the gate during this photo shoot. But they are only rumors – baseless, fact less, unsubstantiated filthy lies spun by evil doers.


  1. wonder who’s more upset at the MV’s omission. And Bell too! that’s one walking wicket less for the Aussies.

    April 29, 2009

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