The MV in form?

It would seem so after Sundays FTP match with Sussex where MV ran up a very impressive 82.

Cricinfo calls it ‘MVs return to form’.

The BBC rants it was a ‘near faultless innings’.

Which is why we guess this was MVs highest score for Yorks since 2007. That’s not too bad.  Just the kind of form the English selectors love.

Hopefully the ECB knows that Mushy doesn’t play for Sussex anymore and Yasir Arafat didnt play in this game before they go all gaga.

Next stop for our man MV is Worcestershire, a day before the English squad is announced. They do come thick and fast for these counties guys dont they. No wonder Ricky hated it.

How bad must MV want Yorks to win the toss and loose a wicket so he can get in.

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  1. prafs said:

    The poms are building up on Vaughan as if one man alone is going to beat the shit out of those aussies.

    April 28, 2009
  2. damith said:

    prafs> Ya the Poms love him. A bit too much for my liking. Lets see where his form gets him.

    April 29, 2009

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