South Africa’s new spinner

Is Roelef Erasmus Van de Merwe.

On the face of it there isn’t much to talk about Roelof, apart from being able to use his first name in an endless array of ROLF jokes.

However, it has come to our attention that we might be falling for Erasmus. But we are not sure, its kind of in that initial romance period. You know, that best part of a growing relationship, when everything is so new and you are not quite sure where its all going to lead.

Like we said before, there is nothing spectacular about him on the surface, but there is something. That fight he always shows. Like he is up for the scrap at a moments notice. He’s the kind of bloke you go out drinking with one night and end up driving to another state to check out a rock concert with.

He would open or bat at 11 if you asked him to. And when he does, he doesn’t muck about. He certainly is no Rahul Dravid. More a Sehwag, with less talent. But he tries and we always like a trier.

Then there is his slow left armers. What is with South Africa and these dobly spinners? When was the last time they produced a half decent spinner? Paul Adams was just too freaky for people to handle and was easily handled later in his career by batsmen. After Hugh Tayfield, its just been an endless supply of shit eaters pretending to be spinners.

The problem is that SA don’t seem to value a good spinner. For them a spinner is someone who can hit a couple of 4s as a pinch hitter and maybe roll their arm over to give their quickies a break.

Symcox, Boje, Harris. All shit in their own right.

Is Roelef destined to fall into the same bracket?Too soon to tell but we like what are seeing so far. He is no Ojha though and he probably knows it. But he is someone who just seems to have the knack to make stuff happen. Like Micheal Clarke with the ball.

You cant explain it, and its certainly no X factor. But it is something and Roelof has it. And we are falling for it. Maybe.

We certainly wont be staying up wondering if he likes us back. But we have said nice things about him

Now its up to him to do nice things for us.

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