Splendid Mendis and that good kitten still out

Last time KKKs had a hit out they were bowled out for a 100 and managed only 2 wickets.

One was a run out.

Still Splendid hasn’t been picked. That is Bullshit. Ya I said it – BULLSHIT.

This has been a spinners IPL so far and KKK are making a big mistake and pissing off a lot of Splendid Mendis fanatics. Especially mentally unstable bloggers from Sri Lanka.

You dont wanna mess with those bastards. Crazy eyed, sleep deprived and quick to anger.

Do the right thing KKK, Pick Splendid.

For your own good.

Oh and pick the kitten too, he aint half bad. Certainly an improvement on freaky bunny eared Ajith Agakar.


  1. raj said:

    Well, Moses Henriques seems to be a favoured choice of the coach. The owner has a certain reputation – and Ajit Agarkar has an image as a good service provider in that area of requirement(allegedly, to protect oneself from suits) for the owner. The owner being from a demographic which generally looks down upon people of the darker shade, he may not take the offer even if Splendid makes the offer. And Splendid is too splendid to even condescend to that anyway. Given all that, and given that Henriques’ massive Aussie physique etc might be more attractive to the owner. Hence, the team selection. Fake IPL Player calls him dildo, you must be able to guess the reason.
    (BTW, fake IPL player also calls St.G, the Adam’s apple of Oz, a paedophile. Thats worth a discussion!)

    April 21, 2009
  2. achettup said:

    Splendid Mendis is sooo 2008… you know, when people couldn’t read him. Nowadays we can all thank Sachin for decoding the ex-Splendid Mendis.

    April 22, 2009
  3. Leela said:

    With the spinners “having a say” (howz that for a cliche!) leaving SM out is mad; I think we can safely blame coach JB for this.

    April 22, 2009
  4. David Barry said:

    Picking Henriques ahead of Mendis (or indeed any of the foreigners in the KKR squad, and probably some of the Indians I haven’t heard of) is ridiculous.

    It’s as though Buchanan is in the pocket of the Sri Lankans, and they don’t want Mendis to get exposure to a wide variety of international opposing batsmen.

    April 22, 2009
  5. damith said:

    raj> Mendis should still be in front of Henriques imo. He will add a lot more variety to the bowling. The Fake IPL player really does have some interesting/hilarious names for his supposed team mates!

    atch> Boo. No one has decoded Mendis yet. He has a small form slump but he is back now after having shrapnel removed from his head. Some say doctors implanted some strange gadgetry in his brain following the operation making him far more intelligent and difficult to read than he ever was.

    Leela> Loving the cliche and annoyed the JB is keeping Splendid out.

    David Barry> Ahh, so you suspect a conspiracy. Interesting. You may be on to something.

    Apart from that its fuckin ridiculous.

    April 22, 2009
  6. raj said:

    Hey Damith, not sure if you got my drift. What I meant was that the KKR owner has a reputation as, you know, being ‘interested’ in men. So, the drift was that if thats the case Henriques has a greater chance to ‘impress’ the owner :-). There is also a running joke around Ajit Agarkar on the same lines, hence my post. Pretty sick, I admit,
    See greatbong.net for a similar set of a sick perverted take on this

    April 22, 2009
  7. raj said:

    Well, if DB is right, then Sharukh Khan is indeed being ‘milked’ by JB, as Sunil Gavaskar alleged 🙂
    (Would JB be getting side-payment from Sri Lanka to cocoon Mendis?LOL!)
    These f**ing Oz coaches – milk the indian establishment, experiment fancy theories, screw Indian cricket(or the KKR club in this case), then scoot off back to queensland or South Australia or wherever – if you think they are done, no, they arent, then they publish books blaming Indians in general for everything, and making money out of that book as well from ignorant down under citizens who apparently lap up any blind bashing of Indians.

    I’ll be darned if John B doesnt follow the same path as Greg Chappell, and then come all sanctimonious and go blaming the Indians for everything…

    April 22, 2009
  8. sam said:

    Mendis is not considered worthy to be in the team KKR by coach JB and also by DADA since he was one of the failure to read this overly hyped bowler in SL-08 and that prompted him to retire from int’l cricket…

    mind you nobody reads young cricketer better than DADA. But then the breed of bloggers from this country wont ever agree.

    anyway never splendid Mendis cud find a way in the next game in place of Murali (woops not Mutthiah but Karthik)

    April 23, 2009

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