The Royal Thomian heads for massive finish

Its lunch on day 3 at the SSC.

But lets talk about day 2 for a minute. What a days cricket. Royal were all over the Thomians and finished them off for 99. A lead of 214 and with the chance to send the Thomians back in again.

The Royal skipper oblidged but as is so often the Thomian resolve came to the fore.

After following on and being 30 odd for 2 they finished the day on 225 for 2. If ever there was a captains innings this was it.  After sending in the Royalist on day 1, Nirrushan seemed like he wanted to put it all right by himself.

One of the greatest centuries of the Roy-Tho ensued, ably supported by opener Saleem who also notched up his 100.

Fast forward to lunch on day 3 (the last day), the Thomians are 307 for 6 with an overall lead of 89.

So effectively the Thomians are 89-6 with 2 sessions left. Weather looks fine.

This is what the big match is all about.

Im watching it live, you can too if you go here


  1. The Thomians did themselves proud. What a great match to date! Saleem 165, got a standing ovation when he ultimately got out.
    The experienced, sin spree Royalists were favorites for this game and the Thomians went into the match as underdogs and they truly held their own didn’t they?

    March 14, 2009
  2. jdgoal said:

    It was true Thomain grit which was displayed today!! Happened to watch via the web thanks to the link on Ustream.

    Anyways, it was good to see them match up against Royal who had 10 outright wins this season and were also clearly the best school team this year.

    March 15, 2009
  3. damiths said:

    Passtionately> Yea they did alright, isuppose. Thora is still parippu though 🙂

    JD> Well played by your boys. Enjoy the icecreams on Monday

    March 17, 2009

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