Zimbabweans are a clever bunch

Sri Lanka continued to pile on the mysery and add to my boredom by continuing to bat on day 3 of the game that we have all come to love in the last couple of days.

Which leads me to wonder, are we playing in to the hands of the Zimbies. Think about it.

Did Zimbabwe assemble possibly some of the worst cricketers in their country so as to lull us into a false sense of safety and confidence prior to the official ODIs ?

There are a couple of clues;

-The mastermind behind this whole plot is Wilfred Mukondiwa, the deputy managing director of Zimbabwe Cricket.

Before the game he sang this tune

“The four-day game that begins at the Queens Sports Club on Wednesday might not be that important to Sri Lanka, but is of significance to us as it is part of our programme to give our maturing side more exposure to the longer version of the game in preparation for our resumption of Tests.”.

So when Mahela decided not to take part in this game at all, he played right into Wilfreds hands.

-Tatenta Taibu was taken out of this game due to ‘Personal’ reasons.

The plot thickens.

What we really should have done is called the bluff- and sent in Splendid to open the batting!

I see a nasty surprise waiting for us in the next few days.

And I’m not talking about the possibility of rain.

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