Canada cup- the reply

Im wating for the bowler to run in. Then I realise my streams stuck again.

Mahela Udawatte, new gun, in with Dilshan. What the fuck.

Sanaths listed on the cricinfo team sheet. My mate tells me its wrong. Go figure.

18-0. This is too easy.

Udwatte tries a leg glance, hits the edge and goes to the off side.

I feel bored. I know whats going to happen. Zimbabwe arent going to trouble us.

Why bother to bring these guys here. Playing at 10 degrees for nothing.

Udawatte hits a huge shot over the covers for four. Gets so excited and tries the same next ball with one hand. Goes no where.

32 on the board with no effort. That is from Dilshan. Udawattes got 25 of that. Dilshan being lazy.

DROPPED ! Tough chance at third man , grassed. Dilshan plays maybe 2 good shots and one of them is the pull. Which he edges and went up in the air.

Elton Chikimbura comes on. Whoa I know a Zimbabwe cricketer. Flyslip is proud.

Udwatte tries the one handed hoik over covers again. And gets out. What stupidity.
What the fuck kind of shot is that. I am not amused. Spoils the 10 wicket victory.



I dont like Dilshan, hes clearly out of form and should not be in the team. He snuck in under teh ‘Sanga is not here so we need a fringe keeper’ rule. He looks all at sea these days. Not pretty at all.

Prosper Utseya in. Lets see if he lives up to his name.

Sitter dropped. Its Official, Zimbabwe suck.

New boy Kulathunge skies one and gets out. Im not stuffed. 2020 does not a player make.

Flyslips own Thilina Kandamby comes out. And gets run out by that useless git Dilshan .
Thats some bullshit right there

That bit of excitment was short lived.

Holy FUCK. Dilshan runs out Mahela as well. Blood blood, I want Dilshand blood. Hang him by the balls and peel out his nipples. Poke his eyes, pull out his nails. Just fuck off.

King Kapu walks in. Remember Chamara Kapugera. Flyslip expects big things for the lad in a few years. We reckon he is of the class of Mahela.

30 from 26.

Dilshan gets out. Bowled. Serves you right you fuckwit.

Maharoof in. Lets finish this off. Show him how its done son.

Supermassive 6 from King Kapu. Brilliant. Lovely hit off the spinner to long off.

24 off 24

11 from 14. Few hits here and there and we look well on course now.


King Kapu to hit a 6 for the win. flyslip predicts. 9/9 !!

Maharoof to cow corner. 2.

MahaROOF! Massive 6 over long on. Superb shot sir.

1 off 7.

Oh the joys of 2020.

Miss hit pull, SL win !! Fuck yea.

Flyslip, over and out!


  1. Ceci said:

    Dilshan looks like being a key figure then for Sri Lanka then – if the opposition bowlers don’t get you – Dishan will run you out. It’s going to be fun versus Pakistan!

    October 10, 2008
  2. Damith S. said:

    Yea Dilshans motto seems to be if We are going down we are going down in flames.

    Pak did no better yday, 15 wides according to my mate who is not well pleased.

    Should be fun!

    October 10, 2008

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