flyslip goes on holiday

Yes, I know you are sad. I can see your faces, in dismay. But a flyslips gotta do what a flyslip must.

Fear not, I will be back soon. Just like Nice Bryce.

I leave you in the trusty hands of my somewhat deranged friend, Nathi Wunu Kolla (The Lost Boy), an Aussie by origin but we have serious doubts about that as the flyslip is yet to meet an Aussie who speaks Sinhalese, Malay and Tamil with equal fluency.

Enjoy the test matches, 2020s, ODIs and your back yard games while I’m away.

See you soon.

God speed.

One Comment

  1. Nathi Wunu Kolla said:

    Yeah… The international Man of Mystery

    October 11, 2008

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