English cricket, without balls

Enough said about last nights opening match.

But something else that needs to be said, or asked, is whether England will break some sort of record for exiting the tournament in the shortest time ever for a host.

That said, here is a list of Englands earlier fuckups in major tournaments to keep the -england-are-so-shit- vibe going.

England v Zim, 1992 WC, lost by 9 runs in Albury. In a match where Goochy and Hick both went for globes to that chicken farmer fella.

England v SL, 1996 WC QF, previous WC finalist against a team that had never made it out of the group stages. Oh the glory of that six off De Freitas hitting that satellite dish.

England v Zim, 2003 WC, of course England never even showed up for that one.

England v Zim, 1995, BnH, Lost by 19 runs, even a once in a blue moon Darren Gough 5fer couldn’t pull it off.

England v Australia A, 1995, BnH, Oh the shame, not even a bloody international team but it might as well been with Haydos, Martyn, Ponting,Langer,Blewett and Bevan in that team.

Ok so maybe it wasn’t that big a surprise when they lost that in hindsight.

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  1. raaj said:

    Not so fast mate – pakistan might end up without balls today. And england might end up going through to next round!

    June 8, 2009

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