While I was away…

For those who knew, Its good to be back.

For those who dint, well makes no difference to you I guess.

A lot changes in 4 days it seems.

Surprising no one worth their balls, the Kiwis beat the ever increasingly, annoyingly inconsistent Bangladeshi’s. They give you hope then they take it away, cruel.

Mr. Ashawful and co have a long ways to go yet.

The mighty mighty Lions, the Sri Lankan variety, not the British sort, smacked their way to a entertaining win in some far away land with no TV coverage.

Flyslips own Splendid Mendis won the Man of the series as per usual. Old man Sanath gave the crowd some entertainment as well, via his middle finger. Some LTTE supporters, a terrorist group, not a band or such like, apparently hounded some of the lads and Jayasuriya flipped the birdie to let them know how he felt.

Meanwhile back home, following a brilliant review of the Tier System in Sri Lankan domestic cricket by us, SLC decided that NO Tier B teams should enter into Tier A, thus the currently relegated Baduraliya(Tier A last placed) might not be sent into oblivion and become a non news worthy team after all.

In case you missed it, we recommended more teams enter Tier A, having read the report SLC decided to not let any team enter Tier A, we were naturally confused.

So 18 of the 20 teams now seem to be heading for a Boycott of the premier league. Things are not peachy.

Also, Mohammad Ashawful become the first and possibly the last batsmen to publically apologize for playing a bad shot. Sri Lankans have tried tirelessly to get Sanath Jayasuriya to do the same for years. And failed.

We applaud you son, even though we don’t like you that much for playing that shot.

Oh and those two teams in India right now played out some boring draw. A big bear attacked an old man got his rewards, We are proud of you.

Ps- Thanks to NWK for keeping the posts and entertainment going while I was away !

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